The Company Reta with today’s production has evolved from a small workshop that produced nails of all types and purposes. With its founding in 1992 the assortment was expended to chain link mesh fences made of galvanized and plastic-coated wire and production of annealed wire.
We soon became the leading manufacturer in the region with our quality and modern production which stood out and in 2002 we purchased the factory Žece. With this acquisition, the portfolio was expanded to various types of hardware, thus further increasing our competitiveness and market presence.

Investment into quality
Our survival on the demanding market of manufacturers is primarily thanks to the quality of our products, our own development and innovation center, and constant investment into improving of our product assortment and the production cycle.
Our machines meet the most demanding EU technical and safety standards, and the special attention in production is given to ecological processes and waste disposal.

Product assortment
A flexible and efficient system of production allows us to process more than 3,000 tons of wire annually, into various types of items such as nails, annealed and bright drawn wire, chain link meshes, locks and various types of construction hardware.
The production plant stretches over 10,000 m2, and we are present in the markets of Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania…

Wire products:
- all kind of steel nails
- annealed wire
- bright drawn wire
- galvanized soft wire
- plastified wire
- barbed wire

Chain link mesh and electro welded mesh

Door hardware:
- locks and striking plates
- hardware for harmo and sliding door

Window hardware:
- for high mounted windows - Ventus
- shutter hardware